You Have a Friend in Me

I have two colts who have literally taken the social media world by storm. I have people who follow my page for them and only them…. in hopes to catch a glimpse of their shenanigans. You see, these two colts, now coming 3, are the epitome of best friends. They are closer than any human can understand and watching them has taught me the true meaning of loyalty and love.

I purchased Romeo as a weanling, after literally ‘ordering’ him two years prior. I had watched his full sister as a futurity horse and liked her alot. So I contacted the breeder and arranged to purchase the next available foal of the exact cross. I got Romeo. And he is such a ham in every way. He is cocky, bold, and very much in your pocket. He firmly believes that trips to the arena are social outings and finds his time under saddle to be a huge inconvenience to his life. He is smart and is coming along so nice. He is very willing and natural, but exerts only what is necessary and no more. His name is perfect for him. Romeo is just that… a Romeo. He is literally giggle worthy!

The other half of the “Romati” duo is Ducati. The really neat thing about Ducati is that I didn’t pick him. He ended up with me in a trade deal as an early yearling… a deal I thank my lucky stars every day for. Ducati is hands down one of the nicest colts I’ve ever sat on. He is jam packed full of natural ability and talent. He could not be any more opposite from Romeo as far as personality goes. Ducati is the furthest thing from in your pocket. He is strong willed, fractious and driven. He does not cuddle, in fact, he would rather I just don’t touch him at all. His breeders tell me he has been like that since the day he was born. At least I know not to take it personally! Ducati is unreal natural. Everything is easy for him BUT his fractious personality makes him a tougher nut to crack. The first 5 minutes of every ride are spent softening his body and getting rid of the ‘hump’. He’s never bucked… but I wouldn’t put it past him! Once he’s settled and focused on a job, he is an incredible ride. He has moves that I’ve never felt in a colt of his age and training. I’m glad he’s in my world now and not 5 years ago!

So getting back to why these two colts have taken over my social media page. I started hauling these two regularly in November. This was around the time they started using shavings at the tie area at the arena. Romeo took full advantage of this fresh bedding immediately. The first day, it was cute.

About day 3 of Romeo laying down as soon as we got to the arena, I started to realize that this was becoming a ‘thing’. It wasn’t long before Ducati also settled and he started having a daily snooze as well. Being the horse lover that I am, I started taking pictures and posting them. The response was overwhelming, especially when the boys would lay on each other and snuggle.

These colts are inseperable. It’s rare to find one without the other even in the pasture. That being said, they are not at all herdbound or disrespectful. They both ride out without the other and are manageable without the other. They just have an incredibly deep love and understanding for each other. They sleep together, eat together, and play… oh boy do they play… together.

Today it’s snowy and I’m nursing an injury that I ignored earlier in the week and preparing for our first mini clinic tomorrow. I went out to turn a couple horses out a while ago and caught the boys out in the middle of the pasture, laying down, snuggled up next to each other. Not because they were tied close to each other and it was convenient, but because they CHOSE to be that close. Because they thoroughly enjoy each others company and love and appreciate each other. It hit me. These colts can teach us so much.

I’ve watched Romeo and Ducati have disagreements. Ducati is the boss in their relationship and usually their petty arguments are caused by Romeo’s inept inability to just leave things be. It’s not often, but once in a while, Ducati gets pushed past his threshold and unleashes on Romeo. Five minutes later, they’re snuggling and happy again.

What if people had the understanding and deep love that these two colts share? What if we were as secure in our skins as these two babies, not caring about what others think? What if we forgave with our entire hearts? What if we lived in a world without lies and cruelty and our relationships were as black and white as Romeo and Ducati’s? These two colts don’t talk behind each others backs. They don’t hate on each other. They don’t make fun of each other’s weaknesses. They don’t compare themselves to one another. They don’t hold grudges. They just love each other. Completely and fully.

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