This One’s for You

Hey you. Ya you. The same you who just clicked on the link to this blogpost. This post is for you.

It’s for you… You with the big heart who gives everything you have to make others successful and happy, all while you yourself are far from it.

It’s for you… You working yourself thin to find some sort of self satisfaction.

It’s for you… You over there constantly feeling like you’re not enough. Like you can’t compare. Like you just don’t do a good job.

It’s for you… You with the empty bank account and if you don’t pull a cheque this weekend you’re not sure how you’re getting home, let alone to the next one.

It’s for you… The young kid with big dreams and the passion to see it through.

It’s for you… The hard worker who puts everything on the line for your passion, hoping it pays off.

It’s for you… The weekend warrior with the old broken down trailer and 4D horse who’s never made to feel worthy.

It’s for you… You, the barrel racer who hasn’t pulled a cheque all season and you’re ready to quit.

It’s for you… The one who smiles when your friends succeed, when inside you’re actually as jealous as they come.

It’s for you… You… who allows yourself to be let down and then beats yourself up over it.

It’s for you… You over there in the alley, so nervous you can’t see straight.

It’s for you… You who want it so bad you can feel it, but always feel like your running in place.

It’s also for you… The girl who sunk her rig in a mud bog at the rodeo grounds late at night then cried in frustration until someone came to help. (ok this one was… Is always… Me. But I had to throw some sort of funny in.)

This post is for all of you. It’s a reminder that you are enough. You are worthy. You are loved. I might not know you, but I believe in you.

You’re not alone. I’ve been there too. And it got better. Don’t worry, it will for you too. Just keep going.


Someone who cares

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