It’s a Cat’s World

Last night I realized something. Well I realized it a long time ago but last night I realized it would make a good blog post.

Animals run the world.

Or at least in our household they do. I’m not even talking about the horses right now. Although they are equally as demanding, but somewhat easier to ignore. I’m talking about cats. Those cuddly and soft and loving purr machines that sleep all day and, past the age of about 2 years, all night too.

What triggered this thought, you ask? Well you see, we have an army of barn cats. Don’t judge — I feed them all and never complain. They are loved and spoiled. There is something about watching two young barn cats play in the long grass that makes a barnyard. Anyway, we also have three indoor cats. Two very overweight old boys (they’re 11 this year and still play and fight like they’re kittens) and one tiny, sensitive, OPINIONATED little girl (she’s also a senior citizen… but you’d never guess it).

Let me introduce you to the crew. It’ll help set the scene.

First there’s Pepper. Pepper is the biggest brother. He’s a grey tabby with more grey than black, creating a ‘salt & pepper’ look throughout his coat. Or at least what coat he has left. Pepper has anxiety. And because of this, he has an awful habit of pulling out his own fur. Don’t judge – he’s seen vets and we’ve tried a lot of different things. Currently he’s on Petanicals Calm. Fingers crossed that does the trick.

Next is Fudgey. Fudgey is Pepper’s brother and he is the golden child. Fudgey, other than being a little overweight, is perfect. He has a perfect black tabby coat that shines in the sunlight and is super soft all the time. Fudgey’s weirdest habits include a love for the bathroom and drinking water with his paw… you probably have the best mental picture right now. It really is that funny to watch. Fudgey never cries or makes a big deal about feeding time. All cats should be like Fudgey.

Lastly we have our little princess, Tigger. Tigger is a weird duck. Well, she’s actually a cat, but you get the idea. We took Tigger to get spayed a few years back (ok by a few I mean 9…) and she had no ovaries, and no scar to suggest she had already been spayed. She’s one in a million. Tigger is a calico queen who drools and loves to snuggle.. on her terms.

So on to last night. I got home from a barrel race at about 8 pm. I was excited to be home this early on a Sunday. Not placing worked in my favor I suppose, although I was feeling a little defeated from knocked barrels and not having the runs I’d hoped but such is the sport. Tylor had dinner ready and as we were eating, the crying started. Tigger’s crying I mean. When she has something to say, she will not stop until we hear her. Seeing as by now it was nearly 9:30, we knew she was ready for bed so we went into our room to watch a movie.

The crying continued. Throughout the entire movie.

We tried everything. Calling her, cuddling her, talking to her, feeding her. NOTHING worked!!! She just kept crying!!! Parents everywhere are dying laughing right now… I’m not naive don’t worry.

Finally the movie ended and we turned out the lights and turned over to go to sleep. As soon as we did, Tigger hopped up on the bed, curled in a ball between us and went to sleep.

This cat dictates our entire lives.

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident but it’s not. Tigger runs the household all the time, and when she’s not, the other cats, horses or dogs make sure to sneak their opinions in.

So, here’s some food for thought: who ACTUALLY runs the world???

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