The Bigger Picture

I am opinionated. Like one of those people who will argue even if I agree just to have the satisfaction of arguing. Or being right. Or I dunno actually. Anyway, the world has been crazy the last few months with the covid pandemic and I’ve sat back and watched people change. Most of them not in good ways. I dunno if I’m changing myself or if watching the ugly come out has just made me look in the mirror but I’ve come to a conclusion: the world would be a better place if we could all be kind and try to understand all sides.

For example, the barrel racing industry in Alberta has been up in arms… Devastated by the pandemic and an upheaval of not being allowed to have jackpots as mandated by ahs and the chief medical officer. I’m probably not going to be very popular for saying this, and I apologize ahead of time, but before we get upset and throw our suckers, why don’t we take a look at the other sides point of view? Now I’m not saying I’m even close to on spot with my outlook, but thinking this way has made not being allowed to have jackpots just a little bit easier. Here’s the thing – – to the general public, rodeo, and barrel racing, is still a sporting event. It’s encompassed with all those other sporting events out there – – soccer, football, baseball, you name it. If the cmo allows barrel racing, how does she not allow these other events? I know, you’re thinking that’s ridiculous because we can social distance at a barrel race and it’s impossible to do so on a soccer pitch. I get that. BUT the general public doesn’t.

To put this into a little different perspective, I’m going to rewind back to my teaching days. As a teacher, I was responsible for a classroom of tiny humans, or in my case, midsized ones. My class was anywhere from 15-25 students in a given year. Those little people were my people. They were my priority. It was their needs and only their needs that concerned me. Much like barrel racers… Our only concern is our industry. We don’t care what the other industries are doing. In fact, I would almost even put district ahs reps in this department. They look after one tiny area.

Let’s look at the principal now. The principal’s priority and responsibility is much larger. The principal is in charge of hundreds of tiny humans. Some very tiny, some midsized, and in Teepee Creek when I was there, some that were bigger than her 😉 the principal is also in charge of the best interests of the staff. Much like the chief medical officer. The cmo is in charge of the best interest of all Albertans. Not just barrel racers. And while it can be hard to understand why we can’t just do our thing… Thinking about it on a bigger scale just might help.

Now, please don’t take this as I agree with every little thing going on in our province. I do have my own views and feelings towards the shutdowns. I have had my moments of feeling like precautions were maybe too strong… But the fact is, we’ll NEVER know if too many precautions were put into place. We would know, however, if we didn’t do enough. I’m also not trying to create upheaval or drama with this post. I’m simply writing down words that are in my mind that have helped me to deal with what’s going on in our world. Maybe, just maybe, they can help you too 😊

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